Best Intentions

Today was filled on the to do list starting with cleaning out my bedroom closet to starting wallpaper removal on the powder room. Unfortunately the list ended up staying on the calendar with none of it completed.  It stayed on the list not because of sitting watching Lifetime movies but rather I became involved with other things. The first thing was helping my neighbors.

My neighbors are an older couple who have some knowledge of their laptop but still need assistance. Their son was racing today and it was to be broadcast on a feed on the internet. They wanted to see it but did not know how to set it up on the laptop. I did help them and connected it their TV so they could get the best view.  To say they were excited would  be putting it mildly. That is when the first sidetrack of the day occurred: they invited me to stay and watch. How could I say no.

After coming home I discovered the drip in the kitchen sink. What started out to be a minor project ended up taking 90 minutes.  I should have known nothing that looks easy ever turns out simple.  After 2 trips to the Home Depot it was done.  A few years ago I would never have attempted any type of DIY project but that was the old me. It may have taken me longer than other people but I learned a little about plumbing today.

The final detour today was definitely the best. I was invited to my son’s house for dinner. I not only had a great dinner but the company was enjoyable as well. The best part was my granddaughter


While the to-do list remains undone I had a great day and am able to spread that to do list to other days in the month. Sometimes stopping to smell the roses, learning a new skill and helping others can be as important as completing those items on the list.”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin”>Subscribe to Blooming Burgh Boomer by Email

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