Looking Back

I have a friend who has been one of my best friends  in grade school through high school. I recently learned my friend had a ruptured brain aneurysm, underwent surgery and is now on a slow road to recovery. She is slowly responding to therapy but her journey on this road has just begun.

This event had me recall the many things we shared. We would walk to each others house, swing on the swings and play dress-up as little girls so often do. The sleep-overs were spent like giggling girls and tormenting or being tormented by her twin brother.  As we got older we shared our secrets: the boys we liked, what we imagined our lives to be when we were older. We promised we would be best friends forever. As sometimes happens we lose track of those friends for many reasons: we go to different colleges, we marry, we move and sometimes our paths just never cross. I was lucky enough to reconnect with my friend last summer at our high school reunion. We laughed, reminisced and talked about our present lives. It was as if the hands of time were turned back and the giddy girls had returned for that night.

I read my friends care page and send her messages to be read to her. Unfortunately she is 6 hours away and I cannot go visit her. I rely on her family to read my messages to her. I feel assured she somehow knows she is in my thoughts and prayers. My friend I am hoping  we see each other again and once again become the giggly giddy girls one more time.


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2 Responses to Looking Back

  1. Beautiful story Kathy. I’m sure your friend knows you are with her in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Liz says:

    Wish your friend a speedy recovery! what a sad story. I wish her all the best, and my prayers and thoughts are with her!

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