Struggling To Maintain

Most days I can stick to my schedule of workouts and staying healthy. Today, however, was not one of those days. It started early this morning when trying to get out the door when the thunderstorm/monsoon occurred.

I have an amazing dog named Kibbles. She is usually that dog ready to go out for the early morning walk as well as knowing our schedule. One major  stumbling block today was the thunder and lightening. She developed a fear of storms about a year ago and hates the sound of thunder. It made no difference the storm was at a safe distance when we went out. Kibbles decided today was the day to act up every step of the walk. With much angst we both survived the walk.

I left a little early for work mainly due to the forecast of storms.  Ample time to get to work and relax before starting the day, right?  It could not have been a more incorrect assumption.  A usual 25 minute commute turned into a 90 minute adventure. This morning was not for the faint of heart. Flash floods were the theme of the day. I usually have 3 routes I can take to work but this morning all three were hit with flash floods.  I chose a 4th route I have never taken and was able to get to work safely even though at some points the water trying to flow down the sewers provided a wonderful spray over-top the right side of my car.

The ride home was not much better than the morning. Many roads in my area were closed due to the flash floods and the impending forecast of more rain did not make the commute easier. I did take another route home and managed to get here in 60 minutes. Not too shabby but stress was ever-present.

The old me would have allowed these events to rule my day. I couldn’t possibly work-out and cook. I had just had a stressful day. I deserved to order the pizza. Workout? No thanks the stress of the day had been quite enough.

What I did was come home and take Kibbles for a walk. I did get my workout in tonight and had some leftovers for dinner. I have to admit my stress level was much better after the workout and eating a great dinner.

I was fortunate today as I was able to get to work and back safely. Many in my community left their cars in the public transportation lot as a fully operating car but came back to find a car that had been submerged in 3 to 4 foot of water. I came home to an intact home but many came home to flooded basements or leaking from their roof. I truly believe it is a matter of perspective. I can choose to view the glass as half full or half empty. For the new me the half full is a much better option

As for Kibbles- she is no worse for the experience as you can tell



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2 Responses to Struggling To Maintain

  1. Wow, what a day you had…but like you said, it’s all how you look at it. Good for you to not let it keep you from sticking to your exercise and food plan. I know when I don’t feel like keeping to my exercise and food plan…but I do it anyway… I feel so much better for it and for the rest of the day I know if nothing else…, I’m doing the best I can for myself, and that all that really matters… Great Post. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  2. katsbynp says:

    It was great last night after the storm there was the sunset and double rainbow. Many people were able to capture some great pictures but seeing it last night was incredible. Thanks for your kind comments

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