The Garden Built for Fairies

My granddaughter loves fairies. She is 3 but knows Tinkerbell  and all her friends. She has fairy wings and wears them proudly. She now also has a fairy garden at Grandma’s house. A fairy house and garden  is a great project to do with your children or grandchildren. I got the idea here .

I started by buying a galvanized tub at the Home Depot. If you want to see mine this is
it. One word of caution, before you start filling your tub with dirt place holes in the bottom of your tub. I forgot to put in any drainage and Fairy Town had a flash flood with the first rain. No fairies were harmed because they moved to higher ground until the drainage holes were done.

I put some stones in the bottom of the tub before adding a mixture of potting soil and regular dirt. I had a helper who enjoyed every minute of making the garden.


The fairy house can be an unfinished bird house. I purchased mine at Michael’s but have also seen them at JoAnn Fabric as well as Pat Catans. They are inexpensive and I  actually purchased mine at the sidewalk bin at 50% off. I got some small hearts to put on the house but there are many options for decorations. If you are going to keep your fairy house outdoors make sure the acrylic paint is outdoor paint.  My granddaughter’s favorite color is purple so I knew the house would have to be purple.


I also bought some miniature furniture (table and chairs, a bench, bird house, and wheel barrow) from Amazon.  I did spray my house and furniture with a spray sealer to protect it. You can use something like a Matte clear spray from Rustoleum.

The plants are all miniature plants. I purchased mine at Bedners, Trax Farm, and Chapons which are all local nurseries. Finding nurseries that sell  Fairy Flowers and Stepables will guarantee some great fairy garden plants.  Some of the ones I used were

Scotch moss – it is a perennial and grows like grass. You can trim it with scissors if it gets too thick and it will grow back.

Brazilian Red Hots – perennial

Variegated Marjoram-perennial

Dwarf Mondo Grass perennial

I did have some thyme that was climbing and growing over the arbor but it was a flash flood casualty. There are many herbs including rosemary that can be used.

It was a fun project to do and here is the finished project


This is what makes it all worth the time and effort



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5 Responses to The Garden Built for Fairies

  1. Priceless! What special bonding time and wonderful memories you created with your precious granddaughter. Your a wonderful grandma… 🙂

    • katsbynp says:

      I do like to make and create projects with her. The one thing I liked about this one is we will keep it going and she can eventually change the plants and make things for the garden. I think things like this stimulate their minds and creativity. Thanks for your kind comments. 🙂

  2. Misty Boone says:

    I love this idea! My sister and I were talking about doing something like this with my niece and nephew.

    • katsbynp says:

      I definitely recommend trying it. Some of the shrubs I chose are actually herbs I can use when I cook. Thanks for your comment. If you and your sister do I would love to see it

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