A Carousel in the Park

As everyone knows by now it has been hot in Pittsburgh for the past 5 days.  Family outdoor activities that do not involve water have not been an option. Fortunately that is changing this weekend.

A great place to explore is Schenley Park in Oakland. There are hills to roll down, playgrounds to explore and a merry-go-round to ride. Yes in the middle of a city park there is a great Victorian-style carousel to ride. I learned it is actually called the PNC Carousel. It is a replica of the original carousel that was in the park in 1913. Here are a  picture of the carousel


The cost of a ride is $1.25 and they do have a carousel operator there.  The smiles of the children riding made it obvious it was a definite thumbs up.

The carousel and a trip to the Carnegie Museum would certainly make a great fun-filled day.

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1 Response to A Carousel in the Park

  1. That looks like it would be so much fun. I bet your precious little granddaughter will love spending the day there. Thanks for letting us see it too!

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