Inspirational Weight Loss Journey

One of my passions is reading. I like a variety of books and run the gamut from fiction to history. This week I read an inspirational book for those of us in mid-life. The book is called From Fat To Fit and is written by Carole Carson.

We all know as we age it seems to be a struggle to lose weight. I can remember being a teenager and losing weight without a thought. Now it seems to lose that 1 pound takes forever. Carole’s story is an inspirational one. She decided she wanted to shed 40 pounds in 4 months in celebration of her 60th birthday. She decided to share her struggles with her community via the local newspaper.

Through her chronicling her journey via the newspaper, she also inspired to shed pounds. The book records Carole’s triumphs and struggles through this journey. I think her main message is that you can have success no matter what age.  Her approach to weight loss is not a fast fix but rather a daily journey. I definitely recommend this book to those of us on a weight loss journey and adapting a healthy lifestyle



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