After reading From Fat to Fit  I decided to use Sunday as an accountability day for my weight loss and getting healthy goals as well as updates. I agree with Carole Carson, the author of the book, that in order to have success you have to be specific with your goals then make sure that you become accountable to attain the goals. I can think of no better forum to do this than here.  This enables me to become accountable to my readers.

Weight goals

  1. I will lose 35 pounds by December 5, 2013.
  2. My food intake will incorporate foods I enjoy and include fruit and vegetables.
  3. My calorie intake will be at 1334 calories a day.



  1. I will exercise 30 minutes a day 6 days a week and work up to 60 minutes 6 days a week by October 5, 2013
  2. I will incorporate 10,000 steps a day into my exercise regime.
  3. I will do weights and body weight training 4 days a week with 2 days of cardio.


I will record my weight loss and inches lost here. It should be an interesting 4 months

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1 Response to Accountability

  1. From following your blog and getting to know you a little better through your writings, I have every confidence Kathy that you will accomplish each and every one of the goals you have outlined here in your diet and exercise plan. Know you are not alone as I continue to meet my daily food plan and exercise goals each and everyday here in Arizona as well. What helps me the most is not comparing myself to anyone else. I just stick to my plan/goals and know I’m doing the best I can ever day to be the best ME I can be… You go girl!

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