Health Goal Update

I started on my health goals this week. Unfortunately I had a virus this week which sidelined me for 3 days. I did end up losing 2 pounds and a total of 1.5 inches. There would have been a time that these results could have derailed my goals. This is a different time as I did move on after my illness and jumped back into my plan.

This week I intend to continue with my plan and run at least 3 days this week. I made a menu, bought my food for this week and even spent part of the day cooking for the week. I find it so much easier to keep on track if I have a menu planned. Sunday cooking helps me for those days I come home late or just don’t feel like cooking.

My one goal for this week involves sleeping. I need to get more sleep. Sleep is as important as healthy eating and exercise. Sleep helps with cortisol levels and decrease your hunger. I am bad about getting 6-7 hours of sleep at night. 5 hours is the norm. I want to get 7 hours of sleep a night.

Hope you have a great night and may your Monday be without too much stress.


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2 Responses to Health Goal Update

  1. I make a Weight Watcher’s menu every Sunday for Bill and I too, and I do as much of the cooking ahead as I can because even though I don’t work outside of the home anymore…my days are very busy and things can quickly get away from you. I learned years ago when I first joined Weight Watchers that having a menu, including snacks, and following the menu plan is one of the most important things you can do for a successful weight loss AND maint journey… Must be true because I’m managed to keep off the 100 pounds I lost for over 30 years… Great post.

    • katsbynp says:

      I agree. It is so much easier to plan your menu and them I think it also keeps you from buying the extras. Congratulations on your success. You continue to provide motivation. Thanks for your continued support

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