To my Granddaughter

To my Granddaughter

I often think time passes so quickly and today that was confirmed. I am sure just the other day I met and held you, my granddaughter, for the first time.

newborn Jiale

Then before I knew it you were a walking active 1-year-old

Jiale 1 year old

It seemed liked I blinked my eyes and an active 2-year-old appeared. I watched as your imagination emerged with your best friend Foofa

Jiale 2 year old

Now you are 3 years old. I noticed you lost that baby face and saw the beginning of your personality form. I was amazed as you navigated the different apps on the I pad or “games” as you like to call them. Today, however you took a major step – preschool.

Jiale preschool 1

My wish for you is that you never lose your laugh and smile. May you continue to build on the inquisitive mind you have developed.

Your have opened a new door and enjoy all that it has to offer

Jiale preschool 2


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6 Responses to To my Granddaughter

  1. Patsy says:

    OMG… seriously, she is 3 AND going to to pre-school?! Where has the time gone? Love the picture of her opening a door right after you wrote “You have opened a new door and enjoy all that it has to offer.” How fitting. She is growing into a very pretty little girl, but soon, I will have to say ‘young lady.’ She is so blessed to have you as her grandma! Love ya my friend!

  2. Beautiful granddaughter and beautiful story. Thanks for sharing Kathy.

  3. Barb says:

    What a blessed heritage this little one has from her Gram!

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