Vegetable Beef Soup

My cousin Virginia writes a great blog called Beyond Cinderella. She wrote a post the other day entitled  Tuesday’s Must Go. Please click the link to read the entire post but she writes about using all the leftovers in the refrigerator before grocery shopping.  Her story plus the return of colder weather inspired me to go to the freezer and use some of the items  in some soup. Fall and winter always signal the return of soups, chili and casseroles.

I decided to make Vegetable Beef Soup with Noodles in the Slow Cooker


  • 2 lb pot roast
  • 32 oz of vegetable stock ( you can use beef stock but I always have vegetable stock
  • zucchini
  • corn
  • green beans
  • stir fry vegetables
  • 1/2 package of noodles of your choice
  • 2 chopped onions


Add 2 tablespoon of oil in a skillet. Saute onions until clear

Cut pot roast in half and trim all visible fat. Brown in skillet approximately 15 minutes


Remove  meat from skillet and allow to cool

While meat is cooling add 3 cups of vegetable broth to slow cooker

Cut pot roast into small 1 inch cube. Add to slow cooker

Place all vegetables into crock pot.

Place crock pot on high for 3 hours


Add last cup of broth and 1/2 package of noodles

Turn on low and cook another 3 hours.

Salt and pepper to taste.



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2 Responses to Vegetable Beef Soup

  1. OMG Kathy this looks delicious… Thank you for the nod to my blog. So much appreciated. Between the two of us, perhaps we can share many, many, great ways to make healthy meals using what we have on hand… Thanks for sharing. 🙂 XoXo

    • katsbynp says:

      You are welcome! I am sure we can find many healthy meals. When I found the veggies in the freezer I thought of your post. Thanks for the comment and support 🙂 XoXo

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