Some days you just can’t win…unless

My day started out as usual. Get up and go through the usual morning routine. I had to leave a few minutes early as I knew I needed gas. You ask ,”Why did you procrastinate and not get gas last night?” Easy answer my friends, last night the station I needed to go to for my gas looked like it was the 1979 gas rationing. Gas here in Pennsylvania is at a low 3.29 and I had a 50 cent per gallon discount at the pumps!

I set off at 5:45 a.m. and the station was relatively empty. There were a few cars and trucks with the same idea but I was able to pull in and start pumping. The pickup in front of me was empty and I figured they probably went in for coffee. He came out but I did not realize that he had decided to declutter his truck at 6 a.m. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever laid eyes on  that many cups and sandwich wrappers.  I had never have witnessed such a plethora of garbage. I decided it was easier to throw it in reverse and be on my way.

Back on track and signing with Maroon 5, Chicago and Kelly Clarkson I made my way down the road. I know what you are thinking and yes I did get a few strange looks. I was excited as I was going arrive early at work (nice to get work done before others arrive and I can leave early or on time). Then I came upon the barrier-a white pickup truck who was going well below the speed limit.  I encountered them near the tunnels. For those that don’t live in Pittsburgh, somehow when people go near the tunnels, the brake lights come on as if there are in fear of being swallowed into the tunnel vortex. This phenomena happens frequently when it rains but folks it was dry outside. We proceeded 2o miles an hour (I do not exaggerate) through the tunnels breaking where I think they were trying be avoid being sucked into the drains on the side of the tunnels. Of course I knew they were going to choose to go my route out of the tunnel. I did eventually get past them and said a quick prayer they would get to their destination safe and sound.  I arrived at work safe and sound. I also arrived 5 minutes later than my usual arrival time!

Work was busy as usual. I ended leaving well past my usual quitting time. The day was filled with little annoyances as well as people with pertinent questions and the usual horrendous amount of paper work. Lunch was not eaten until 2:30 and of course it was the day I forgot to bring my lunch.  You would think that at 2 p.m. the lunch crowd would be thinned but not today my readers as I picked the place that had new employees needing to learn their new skills. My usual time to leave is between 3:30 -4:15 but today it was 5:15. The ride home was long but uneventful. Trying to navigate through rush hour traffic is never easy.

Finally I arrived home. I was greeted by this



We went for a walk and the day with the warm weather suddenly got better. On the walk I thought of my family and could you not when you are lucky enough to have these people in your life

IMG_4202              Jen and John

I am now sitting here smiling and relaxing…have a great night all! Tomorrow is another day

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2 Responses to Some days you just can’t win…unless

  1. Wow, what a day for the books… But, like they say “all is well that ends well..” And I so agree with you that as long as we have our loved ones in our lives what else matters? Great Post. Thanks for sharing.

    • katsbynp says:

      I always feel that you have 2 choices you can give into the bad juju of the day or expend some energy and inevitably that leads to a clearer mindset. Thanks for your comments

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