Time Change

Today was the day we turned back the clock and gained an hour. Today was also the day in Pittsburgh of the EQT 10k race. I first heard of the race last spring and at the time thought it was the perfect race for me in the fall. I never signed up for it and then my hip problems continued. I was upset as this weekend came because I knew I couldn’t run. These past few weeks have been stressful for a variety of reasons and running has always been my go to for stress relief.

I arose at 6  and found myself wide awake. I did wait until 7 to take the dog out. I then decided to do something today-walk instead of run my neighborhood route.  I got ready and went on a little trail by my house and snapped some pictures during my walk



This is a nice small hill but in the early morning it is a little tricky due to icy grass. Looks sunny but only in upper 30’s.



I ended up walking 3 miles and it did still feel good. It was nice and quiet but was able to see a few other runners and walkers. Even saw an old friend



It is a llama that is near my house-I haven’t seen him since I trained in the spring.  There were also horses in another barn.

I enjoyed my extra hour. What did you do with yours?


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3 Responses to Time Change

  1. You were good with your extra hour. I used mine for some extra sleep! Shame on me 🙂

  2. We don’t set our clocks back here in Arizona so we have no time change. But, I still do my daily walks and it really does make me feel better.

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