Healthy Eating vs Diet

I do not diet. A diet according to Webster is ” to eat less food or to eat only particular kinds of food in order to lose weight.” The first thing that this statement says to me is deprivation. I have been on many “diets” in my lifetime and they all have failed. The main reason they do is because I do not like to deprive myself of things I enjoy.

I follow a healthy eating plan. I do log my food not because I am counting calories to limit them but ensure I am getting enough calories. I also track the balance of my food choices making certain I get enough carbs, fats and proteins.

I am currently trying to lose weight not to be “skinny” (heaven knows I am now too old for that thinking). I am doing it to first have more energy. When I get over a certain weight it does tend to make me like a bear in hibernation. All I want to do is sleep.

The second reason is health. I have a very positive family history of heart disease and cancer. One of the keys to avoiding these diseases is control the risk factors you are able to control. Diet and exercise are two things I can monitor.

I do have more energy and can feel my body changing. Since tweaking my menu planning I feel much more satisfied after meals.

Life is too short for depriving yourself. There are many healthy options of high carb, high fat foods (my healthy leftover pizza recipe ). I am much healthier and happier in my lifestyle

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3 Responses to Healthy Eating vs Diet

  1. Bill and follow the Weight Watchers Food Program. It is not a diet but a food plan for life. What we love about this program is there are no restricted foods but rather choices you make to stay within you daily points value. Every Sunday I plan our menus then enter the information into the on-line food program log. It tracks the food points for us so all we have to do is follow the planed menus and make sure we get our exercise in everyday. Works well for us and we don’t ever feel deprived. We are doing this to stay healthy vs trying to get “skinny” as we are well past the age of trying to be skinny too. Great post Kathy. Thanks for sharing.

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