Some Things Are Learned the Hard Way

I have discussed my hip problems in previous posts so I won’t rehash old news. I have had been trying to avoid running or even light jogging for the past few months. Suddenly the pain level in my hip went to almost nothing. I have been able to walk up to 2 miles before it bothered me.

My MRI is coming up next week. I began to think maybe I would just skip it because the hip wasn’t hurting as it had been. I rationalized that it was getting better and if I did find it was a tear I probably wouldn’t do anything.  My moment of decision, I decided, would be on Saturday-I would try to run and see how it felt. If I could get through the run/walk without much discomfort then the MRI was a moot point.

Well today was that Saturday. I dressed in my fall running gear and went to a flat running route I have used many times. I wanted flat because if my hip started aching I wasn’t sure I could walk back to my car. I did a good warm up plus a 5 minute walk. I then ran for 5 minutes-didn’t feel bad and it felt like I could run farther. Between each run I planned a 3 minute walk. Then second 5 minute run I felt a small ache but nothing major. I thought I had success. The third run turned to 3 minutes as the ache began again. The full pain returned by the 4th run. I knew then I had my answer.

I learned that which I already knew: I needed to get the MRI. I am stubborn and don’t like to get unnecessary tests or treatments.I need to listen to the advice I give my patients. I need to learn that denial is not the best course. This has lasted long enough and it is time to get some answers. Tonight the discomfort is better and ice and a hot shower went a long way to help.

What things did you need to learn “the hard way?”


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1 Response to Some Things Are Learned the Hard Way

  1. Oh my Kathy. Sorry to hear your still having that hip pain. You do need to listen to the advice you give your patients and go get that MRI. That way at least you will know for sure what you are dealing with. I don’t like going to the doctor or having any kind of tests done either. I have canceled doctor’s appointments before, when I wasn’t feeling well, because I thought I started feeling better… Then, the symptoms returned, and I had to call and get another appointment which of course, was further out than if I had kept the appointment I had in the first place. All that meant I had to suffer longer than I needed to just because I don’t like going to the doctor… Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Keep us posted of your results.

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