The First One

Well today it happened! The first snow. It wasn’t Snowmageddon although from the early morning news I wasn’t sure. The news sent their reporters out to drive the roads to show us conditions. The words of the morning were “roads are wet”.  There were some school delays in the mountains.

I am glad there wasn’t a large snow but I always find the first snow of the season beautiful. To look out and see the white blanket across the yard seems to bring peace and serenity. I not only get to enjoy it from the inside looking out but I also get to go for a walk in the snow as well. I always like the early morning walk on the newly laid snow. Kibbles likes the snow as well. She runs through the snow and buries her snout in it.

I did capture some early morning pictures as I knew it would be melted by the time I arrived home from work. I think the early morning always provides a different perspective





Now that we have had the first snow, the second can hold off for just a little longer.

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1 Response to The First One

  1. That is beautiful and so peaceful looking. I love the early morning hours too. Thanks for sharing.

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