Tables Turned-Part 2

Today was the day after the MRI arthrogram.  The first thing I noticed was the pain in my hip had returned. I think it is just due to the dye injection and trauma to the tissues. I am hoping it will get better over the weekend

Of course when I arrived at work this morning I immediately looked up results. There in what seemed like bold print were the words consistent with a labral tear.  As a point of reference the labrum acts like a socket to hold the ball at the top of your thighbone in place. I not only had one tear but 2.

I had to wait to discuss the findings with my surgeon who ordered the MRI. We did discuss it and as I had already know he did not do the type of surgery I may want to have if that is what I decide. I made the decision to consult with another surgeon.

My options that I am aware of are:

  1. A cortisone injection into the hip. It does not cure but may give some pain relief and could last over 6 months
  2. Physical therapy to build up the hip muscles.
  3. Arthroscopic hip surgery to repair the tear. This may take at least 3 months to return to full capacity.

Unfortunately my decision will not be made until December as this was the soonest I could get in with the other surgeon.  The surgeon I am seeing does arthroscopic labral repairs, does work with senior athletes and is a runner. Unless there is a cancellation Dec 11th becomes the day I decide my options and path depending on the answers I get.

I am glad I at least know what is wrong. I can now work around the problem and keep active. For me the waiting is the most difficult part. Stay tuned for part 3 next month

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4 Responses to Tables Turned-Part 2

  1. Thanks for sharing Kathy. Sending prayers and constant positive thoughts to help you through the waiting period until you get in to the surgeon in December. I know waiting can be so difficult. I’m happy that you do at least now know what you are dealing with so you can adjust your daily activities so no further damage is done.

    • katsbynp says:

      Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I am also glad to know what it is. It is so much easier to deal with the known. Thanks for your comments and support

  2. My ex ( we are friends now and share the grand kids stuff 🙂 has had the cortisone before…so did a co-worker …so if you choose to go that path temporarily for anything ( back, hip, knees etc ..from various people’s feedback ) it does help albeit short-term. Sorry you are having so much pain and difficulty 😦

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