Just What I Needed Today

Today the to-do lists were thrown in a drawer. The hip was forgotten for the day. What or who can make this magic happen you ask? This girl


My granddaughter arrived early (before 6 a.m.). My daughter in law had clinical and my son had to work. I was more than happy to spend at least half of my Saturday with her. She was awake and not interested in lying back down for an hour or so.

One of the first things we did was make Teddy Bear Pancake thanks to Kiddie Foodies. You can find the recipe here. It is easy and she did help me mix the batter. Here is the end result-minus the ears


We then watched her favorite show “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, then went on to build and color. She definitely kept me busy.  ” Come help me Grandma” were familiar words this morning.

Lunch was macaroni and cheese with tuna fish and then she gave me a private music and dance concert. I couldn’t get any video or I would have shared. Some songs were her own lyrics and the dances were definitely her own choreography.

It was a beautiful November day and in the 60’s. My granddaughter and I took advantage of the warmth.. We took the ball outside as well as played in the leaves. The smiles and laughs abounded.




I am a very lucky grandma


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8 Responses to Just What I Needed Today

  1. You are lucky indeed to have your grandchild living in your same town…all but one of ours live in Colorado. But we are blessed to be going there to spend Christmas with them this year. Great post and thanks for sharing

  2. Oh, you are very lucky! Take it from a long-distance grandma. 😀 Lovely photos of your granddaughter on an ordinary but oh-so special day! Thank you for sharing in the GRAND Social!

  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Like you I am a very lucky Grandma and have my granddaughter only one mile away! Yours is so cute! They really can brighten any day! Thanks for sharing! Just stopping by from the GRAND Social, hope you get a chance to do the same.

  4. debrapugh says:

    MINE ( 4 years old ) loves the same Mickey ! 🙂 I don’t have TV here ( turned off cable a year ago ) and when I have the grands it is generally activities and such and no TV but come ‘chill time’ when I ask what DVD they want me to put on it is always Mickey 🙂

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