Remembering the Day John F Kennedy Died

I don’t remember the day President Kennedy came to Washington PA. I know it was in October of 1962. We were a small city and I was young but remember some of the students in my class talking about seeing him.

I do however remember the day President Kennedy died. I went to Catholic School and remember the principal ( a nun) coming in and whispering something to my teacher and leaving.  Even though we were 8 or 9 years of age, it was a student responsibility to answer the school phone in the afternoon (the secretary only worked the morning). That day it was my turn. The phone rang and the lady on the other end was crying telling me that President Kennedy had been killed. I ran into my classroom and blurted out the news to my teacher in front of all the students. The next thing I remember is the entire school being sent to the church and having the priest inform us President Kennedy had been assassinated. I didn’t understand what that meant but when he said the President had died many were crying.

The next few days were spent in front of the TV watching the viewing and funeral. I remember feeling sad for Caroline and John because they lost their Daddy. I remember the sadness of all my neighbors because of the nation’s loss. It was one of the times the country came together.

There have been many documentaries, video footage and pictures to reinforce the memories.  I often wonder how history would have changed had he lived.

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2 Responses to Remembering the Day John F Kennedy Died

  1. I remember the day President Kennedy died as well. I was at school (Catholic school as well), it was lunchtime when the school principal (nun) rang the big bell that meant it was time to get back in the classrooms. When we got back in our classrooms we were told the news and directed across the street to our church for a special mass and service for President Kennedy and his family and the nation as a whole. I think everyone remembers the day President Kennedy died. Great post. Thanks for sharing your memories Kathy.

  2. I remember …it was second grade and someone came and told our teacher and she went crazy..crying etc. Such a sad time. I think at our age then, at first we were scared more than anything…for little kids, seeing adults be so upset is scary… By the way, Kathy! 🙂 You have visited both my blogs…Homespun and Frugal Little Bungalow…and the grade school that I was in at that time was Ginger Hill, Ringgold School District, Washington County. I grew up in Nottingham township out in the country ( 84, Pa ) and was one street away from Peters. Too bad for me; had to ride the bus ( some 45 minutes worth ) to GInger Hill and later on Finleyville Middle School and then Monongahela High School. Later on when married, lived in Wash Pa for many years, currently reside ( unmarried now ) in Houston Pa : ) My father grew up in the Northside from what I can recall. When I was little my grandparents lived in Munhall…my mom went to Baldwin high school.

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