It Is A Matter of Perspective

It has been cold , windy and now snowing.  A person  posted some flowers growing in her home located in the South. I posted it was nice to see the flowers and how cold it was here. She is originally from Pittsburgh and expected her response to be something like that is why I am glad I am not there. Instead her response gave me a chance to do some reflection. She said ” I would trade it for family and friends in a New York minute. Never thought I would miss SNOW!”

When I paused to think about it she was right. I am very fortunate I have my children here and within 45 minutes of me. I have friends some new and some I have known for many years. The culture of the area is one I truly enjoy.

Thanksgiving will soon be here. This is the traditional day to count our blessings but I like to count them every day. My family and friends are a blessing I count every day.

That being said this is the look outside my window.  It is 24 degrees with a real feel of 11 degrees.  At least it is the weekend and I have food and is good



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2 Responses to It Is A Matter of Perspective

  1. Oh WOW, that sure looks cold to me. I think the snow is beautiful to look at but I just can’t take the cold, damp, weather. I do miss our children, and grandchildren, and we will see them over the Christmas holiday’s when we go to Colorado for our 1st Christmas in the cold country.. I keep hoping our kids and grandkids will just come back home to Arizona.. One can always hold out hope… 🙂 Great Post!

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