An Unexpected Race on Thanksgiving

I enjoyed most of  my day today from start to finish. I enjoyed the cooking and preparing for the arrival of family and friends. The only part I really did not enjoy was when Kibbles decided a little pre-dinner race was in order.

Kibbles is part Beagle and part Jack Russel.  Today she decided it was time for her best Houdini imitation. As the front door opened I watched her scoot and dart out the door. One thing she has never learned is that stop means stop. She thinks it is a game and will run as you approach. She took off across the road narrowly missing getting hit by a car and then came back across to fake me into thinking she was going to come to me. My guest , my neighbor and I all tried to catch one dog. Only the dog was winning. Her pre-dinner excursion came to an end when she was cornered by a fence. Total distance covered was a hilly 1.5 miles.  I wish I would have captured the moment in video-3 humans being outsmarted by a dog.

Once that excitement ended the rest of the family and friends arrived and we gave thanks and had a great dinner. I didn’t get pictures before dinner but did capture some during.



And I even had a princess visit me for Thanksgiving


What about Kibbles..well all that running just completely expended every last ounce of energy


All’s well and she is safe and sound in the house.

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1 Response to An Unexpected Race on Thanksgiving

  1. Sounds like Kibbles set the stage for a fun-filled day. Beautiful family & friends enjoying a beautiful meal, sharing and giving thanks, what more could anyone ask for? But you got the bonus of having a beautiful little princess to share the day with too… Great Post Kathy. Thanks for sharing.

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