Sometimes Change is Good

I have been in a rut. I started growing my hair out about a year ago. Lately I have been wearing it the same way and it just felt heavy. Here is one of the few pictures of my hair length



I realize I don’t have many pictures of myself..not one of the selfies group and I am usually the photographer of events. The problem lately has been I have been putting my hair in a pony tail or at home on top of my head. I actually have noticed I have been getting headaches from my hair pulled in a pony tail.

Today was my standing appointment with my hair dresser. I discussed last appointment doing something different with my hair but decided I wasn’t ready. Today I spent the day weighing the pros and cons of doing something different. Somehow my appointment time came and as I walked into the shop I knew I had made a decision. The end result:


I am still getting used to it but hair grows. It does feel better and I still have many ways to wear my hair. Definitely change is good

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2 Responses to Sometimes Change is Good

  1. I LOVE it. I think it makes you look younger… either way, you are still so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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