Another Fun Saturday

This Saturday I had my granddaughter. One thing about 3 year olds is they are unpredictable. I had planned on baking cookies with her but she was much more interested in something else which was redecorating her Christmas tree.

I bought a 2nd tree after Christmas and thought it could be for her and did start the decorating it earlier this week. The tree is located on the 2nd floor and she was surprised when she saw it. I had some bows and beads (or bows and necklaces as she called them). She decided she wanted them on her tree.  Rearranging the ornaments was also on the agenda.

Here are a few pictures from the  finished product





She also decided to rearrange some of the main tree decorations



Her look after her job is completedIMG_5597


As always a fun day and the cookies will be baked next weekend

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2 Responses to Another Fun Saturday

  1. You didn’t get to make cookies, but you sure made some wonderful memories. Both trees are beautiful and your granddaughter is adorable! Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    • katsbynp says:

      Thank you. If you would see my granddaughter’s Christmas tree without decorations it reminds of a big Charlie Brown tree. The one thing I always sleep well after having her here. Thanks for the comment and support

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