A Simple Solution

I talked about our pre-exercise calorie burn on Thanksgiving day thanks to Kibbles. For the next few days she didn’t escape but she did try to edge to the door. I didn’t know how I was going to solve the problem. I did know that the escape dog would try it again.

I was cleaning out one of my junk drawers (yes I do have more than one..admit it we all do). I came across something I had bought Kibbles this summer


Yes it is a collar. I don’t use this type of  collar for her when walking her but rather The Illusion Collar. She has never escaped the Illusion Collar System in 6 years. I have only had one collar so for me it has been worth the price.  After our walk I put the collar in the picture on Kibbles. She immediately liked it. It has now been  almost 2 weeks since putting on the her purple collar and I have a new dog. She does not go near the door and in fact sits when the door is open. I have no answers as to why it works but I am not complaining.

Kibbles would like to model her collar so everyone can see what it looks like on her




And to show you her happiness


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2 Responses to A Simple Solution

  1. How cute she is, and how funny that that collar keeps her from trying to escape when the door is open. I guess we all have our favorite little things that keep us happy and willing to comply with the rules… Cute post. Thanks for sharing.

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