Decisions Decisions

Today was my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to discuss my right hip. The surgeon I work with recommended her and I know her from running as she is a great advocate of everyone keeping active no matter what their age. I also like the fact she is conservative in her treatment approach and while she is a surgeon, surgery is not always her first recommendation.

I did remember to take my shorts so I could skip the fashionable paper blue shorts. They did do a few more x-rays that she likes to view. I then met with the physician assistant who I happened to know as we had previously worked together. He did a quick history and exam and he was kind enough to point out some of the findings on the MRI. I do work in orthopedics but have never had any of the surgeons I worked with specialize in labral tears.

After a few minutes and a couple of sweaty palm the surgeon came in to examine me. I have to tell you she was great. I did tell her I was only vaguely familiar with the labral tear.  She explained the labrum this way: The hip is made up of a ball and socket. Inside the socket is a lining much like a washer inside of  a faucet.  She then told me something I did not know. The labral tear may not have a specific incident to cause the tear but rather exercise in some people may cause it to fray. Of course doing no exercise brings people to my office to get their hips and knees replaced as well as many medical problems.  She also explained I did have some arthritis as well as some irritation of my IT band-a ligament that goes from the hip to the knee.

She gave me 2 options:

  1.  Try physical therapy to strenghten my core(abdomen, back) and buttocks as well as hip.
  2. Have surgery which entails 1 month on crutches as well as a large brace. I wouldn’t be able to drive due to it being my right leg. Total time spent in rehabilitation would be 4 months

The choice for me was easy. She had done some preliminary testing and I was very weak and have poor balance. I chose to do the therapy and try to strengthen first. Due to the fact I have some arthritis I may never get rid of the dull ache but if I am able to return to some exercise and remain active I will be happy.

I feel good about my choice of both my surgeon and our course of treatment. I start next Wednesday so there will be more to come. My hope is to return to this in 2015 :



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2 Responses to Decisions Decisions

  1. Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery through your therapy sessions Kathy. I have no doubt you will be back to running in no time at all… 🙂 Thanks for the update.

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