Another New Health Care Experience

Today was the first session of Physical Therapy. I have never been to therapy although have ordered it as a nurse practitioner. Today I went to the first session which is the evaluation session. The therapist takes a history, does an exam and in conjunction with the practitioner’s prescription forms a plan.

I was impressed as the exam took well over 45 minutes. Peg, my therapist was knowledgeable and shared her thought process with me. I was surprised to find that my right leg is shorter by 5/8 of an inch. While this sounds minimal it is more than we would like to see in a person. This could explain my back pain as well as how the labral tear occurred. When you have one leg shorter it requires your foot to hit the pavement differently when running and in fact puts more pressure on that leg.  I discovered it could have started back when I had right knee surgery in 1974 (back in the Neanderthal ages ). Back then I had a cartilage tear and they removed it but never did therapy. This could have set my hip problems in motion. I did get a shoe lift and feel like I am constantly tilting when walking.

After the evaluation the torture began. First I warmed up on the bike but I did have a choice of the elliptical . No nice heat or massage to warm up the muscles – just bike for 10 minutes but more at a race pace. I was able to complete that goal-I am competitive and will never back down from a challenge. I need to make sure I bring a towel and water for my next session. Next came the part to see how much torture I could endure (joking…kind of ).  Weights were strapped to my right leg and I had the pleasure(?)  task  of performing various strengthening exercises.  Total time spent in this phase was 45 minutes.

Then it over but I get to return for the encore performance on Monday! Seriously I have muscle soreness but do not have the usual hip pain. I am getting adjusted to the lift in my shoe. I am going to give this 4 weeks and will also do home exercises the therapist will give me.

Truthfully, I have gained new respect for my physical therapist colleagues. They have much to offer their patients and am impressed by how much knowledge they impart on their patients.

Stay tuned for updates in a few weeks..

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1 Response to Another New Health Care Experience

  1. Wow! Thanks for the update on your treatment plan for your hip. Now that you know the torture, I mean treatment plan…patients go through in physical therapy, the next time you order it for your patients, perhaps you can include the nice heat massage in your orders to the physical therapist. Your patients will love you for it I’m sure!!! Thanks for sharing. I continue to keep you in my prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

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