A Little Slice of Burger Heaven

I know I am probably late to the show but today I went to Burgatory.  I  have eaten at the one at the Consol Energy Center but it is nothing like the Burgatory restaurant.  This is a Pittsburgh restaurant that showcases burgers. They have also have another item:milkshakes-both with and without alcohol. There are 3 locations in the Pittsburgh area and we went to the one in Robinson.

We were apparently fortunate as we were seated without a wait. From what friends have told me you can be prepared to wait up to 30 minutes on a busy Saturday. The atmosphere is a sports bar type with a bar and sports on the multiple tvs. The tables are close together but there is enough room for each table without elbows touching the next table. It can get noisy when busy but you can still carry on a conversation with friends.

The main food item on the menu is of course burgers but they also have salads, chili , chicken and seafood. There is also a special make your own burger that you can design. My friend opted for the Morty’s Steakhouse Burger which is a peppercorn crusted burger with horseradish, cheddar, onions and a cabernet sauce.  I opted for the make your own burger. It was a hormone free beef burger with an angel dust rub (not sure of ingredients apparently a Burgatory secret ), with farmhouse cheddar cheese, a dijon mayo, of course bacon, lettuce , tomato, red onion and pickles on a herbed focaccia bun. There are sides including salt and herb fries but it comes with chips.

Here is a picture of my burger




I can tell you go hungry and the burger is definitely filling. I so wanted to try the shakes. You are able to take the non-alcoholic shakes to go but I had no room. The shake that caught my eye was the Salted Nutella Crunch Shake. It is described as a mix of nutella and nestle crunch bar (sounds like a match made in heaven). I will definitely go back to get a shake.

If you are in Pittsburgh I would definitely suggest you check out Burgatory. Locations are in Robinson, Fox Chapel and the Consol Energy Center. New locations are scheduled for Homestead at the Waterfront and Murrysville.

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2 Responses to A Little Slice of Burger Heaven

  1. Wow!!! If I ever get back to Pittsburgh, I want one of those hamburgers… Looks like yummers to me!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

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