Part 2 : A Photo Look at July to December 2013

The last 6 months of 2013 also had some fun and adventure.

July  2013 saw the beginning of this blog

Blog pic




July also brought a fun vacation of camping and hiking at Shenandoah National ParkIMG_4733 IMG_4729IMG_4781

August saw more winning Pirate baseball and sharing it with some favorite people. About this time I kept thinking could this be the year?





September days taught the meaning of forgiveness and for my granddaughter meeting her paternal grandfather




October brought something that PNC Park and many Pirate fans had not experienced in many years: Playoff Baseball! I was one of many lucky enough to have a ticket. Who can forget the Cueto chant and the non stop screaming of Pirate fans.  The ending of the season was not quite what we dreamed but it gave us a taste of success and know we want more





October also saw a special day to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. A fun mother/daughter hockey game as well as a visit to a special Duck




November first brought a frolic in the leaves





The month brought us together to give thanks





In December thoughts turned to Christmas and all the magic and Love it brings. It even brought a new meaning to patience when trying to photograph a dog in front of the tree.







2013 brought both good and bad times but I like to think it brought many more happy memories. Farewell to 2013 and I look forward to making and sharing more memories and adventures in 2014.


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2 Responses to Part 2 : A Photo Look at July to December 2013

  1. All in all it was a BEAUTIFUL year and that is all any of us can hope for… Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to many more meaningful, beautiful, heartwarming, and fun-filled posts in 2014. Happy New Year Kathy to you and yours!

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