Happy 2014! It certainly has made it entrance a memorable one. It snowed here about 3 inches (the people to the North and East of here are getting so much more). The second part of this is it is supposed to feel like -10 in the morning. I have certainly not gone outside anymore than I have had to but like others will have to navigate to work in the morning. Kibbles who usually loves the snow did not dally outside tonight. This afternoon before the Arctic Blast she did enjoy prancing through the snow



I am not a resolution maker. I feel like it makes me feel worse it I fail to keep the resolution. I do however go through my rooms and pare down what I have. Today I began to reorganize my kitchen cupboards. I plan to offer the baking dishes and casseroles first to my family then what they don’t want give them to charity to be used by others.  Here I usually give clothes, small furniture and kitchen items to the Vietnam Veterans. The best thing is you schedule a date then they come to your home and pick up the items.  Paring down is a goal I would like to work on in 2014.

During the Christmas season  my running group started Random Acts of Kindness. It spread to many more people and one thing I learned is that a smile or a compliment can mean as much to a person as money. I plan to continue the random acts throughout the year as it gave me as much happiness as the recipient.

My main wish for this year is to avoid hip surgery and run a 5k (3 miles) in March. Doing therapy during the holidays while combating colds and viruses is not easy.  Next week things will return to normal so I will be able to focus more on this goal.

What are you goals for 2014?


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6 Responses to Hibernation

  1. I’ve been paring down, as well. Dropped off LOTS of stuff to Goodwill in the past week or two, then my husband and I did some rearranging of furniture between room and levels. Time for a fresh start in so many ways.

    Resolutions… ah, I have a lot. I don’t really call them resolutions, though, so I don’t feel all that guilty when I don’t follow through. But I am working on improvements in many ways.

    Best wishes for NO surgery for you! And best of luck accomplishing that 5K — a fantastic goal.

    May 2014 be filled with bountiful blessings for you and yours!

    • katsbynp says:

      A New year can provide a fresh start and living in a cold climate makes it much easier for me to do a reboot. Thank you for your comments and also for dropping by my blog

  2. I don’t like a lot of meaningless “stuff” collecting around me. So, every few months I go through my house and look at what we don’t need or what we no longer use., and anything that we no longer need I donate to charity. I have a rule for myself that if I bring one item of clothing in… I donate one item to charity…That way I don’t end up with too much “stuff” in my closet. I only wish I could get my husband, Bill, and our daughter, Shantel, to do the same… 🙂 My goals for 2014 are to see our daughter, Shantel, successfully through her last yr at SMCC and realizing her dream of attending Grand Canyon University!!! I would love it if you would keep that thought in your prayers for her. Thank you, and Great Post Kathy. 🙂

    • katsbynp says:

      I have decided that I need to become less “collecting” and am working on it. I may adopt your idea of going through every few months and donate things I don’t use. I do that with clothes but now need to expand that concept.
      I will definitely keep Shantel and you and Bill in my prayers.
      Thank you for your continued support.

  3. I’m too slow to be in a running group but love the idea. And love the random acts of kindness thing too!

    • katsbynp says:

      Trust me I am in the slow running group. The one thing I like is that it is more about having fun than competitiveness which is one reason I like this group. Thanks for your comment and support

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