There Seems To Be Not Enough Hours In A Day

Lately I have felt very disorganized. I am not a person who is super organized but I usually find time to get things done. It may be that we have been busier at work and that has required me to spend some extra hours trying to complete all my work.

Doing physical therapy 2 to 3 days a week has also made some added stress. It adds at least 90 minutes to my arrival home after working all day. It also makes me sore and tired. I will post more about therapy later this week.  There has also been the holidays and  a virus that just has seemed to be difficult to shake.

During this time I also lost an important concept : keeping a schedule.  I find that I get more done if I plan my week and pencil in time for chores, shopping , working out and even office time. I also usually menu plan once a week  which enables me to eat healthier than if I try to decide a meal on the run. I have decided I will take tomorrow night and begin to schedule my time. I seem to accomplish more when I have a list I can check off.  If I can stay on track for most of the week it seems I have more me time.

The best part of having more time is being able to enjoy special fun like this











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4 Responses to There Seems To Be Not Enough Hours In A Day

  1. I have a Arizona Highways calendar book that I write everything down in i.e. appointments, chores, visiting mom, etc. I even weigh myself everyday and enter my weight on the calendar. If my weight is up a pound or two I cut back and exercise more. I also have everyone’s birthday and anniversaries in the calendar with a note one week prior to the date to remind me to get a card and mail it… Keeping everything in my calendar helps me stay focused on what I need to do each day/week. And, your right, staying organized allows for more “me” time to do the things I enjoy doing. Great Post Kathy. Thanks for sharing.

    • katsbynp says:

      I use a combination of my phone and written calendar. I track my foods on my phone but the rest is on my trusty kitchen calendar. Shopping lists and meal planning are usually done in a notebook so I can take it to the store with me. Thanks for your comment and support

  2. I still use a good old kitchen wall calendar. I like being able to see my schedule instead of scrolling through on my computer or phone.

    • katsbynp says:

      I so agree writing on the calendar. I have it on my kitchen bulletin board and as I am drinking my coffee I can give it a quick look to see what the day and the rest of the week have in store. Thank you for your comments

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