The Bonus of the Cold Weather

I have heard over and over how cold it is and the disgust with the ever-present nuisance snow. I may have been guilty of uttering a few negative words as well. After thinking about it, I really do see a few positive things about this weather.

I haven’t been going many places. What’s the positive in that you say? I am getting very organized and have things to give to the Vietnam Vets once the weather gets a little warmer. At the rate I am moving through the rooms, I will be able to spend the spring weekends enjoying the outdoors.  I also will be ready paint the guest bedroom and remove the old tile from the powder room next week.

This weather certainly has saved me money. This tank of gas has lasted over 2 weeks-I am only driving to and from work. I did go out last Saturday and accomplished my errands.  The weather has also helped me practice bulk cooking. I planned my menus, made bulk foods like chili, chicken, and pasta. Instead of calling out for pizza I made my own homemade pizza with enough to take for lunch.

Is it too cold to walk outside or go to the gym? No problem here as I just popped in a DVD or put on the exercises that are On Demand. I was able to mix it up and still stay warm. In the past I would just skip the gym and forget the workout. What a difference a year makes.

I do miss seeing my neighbors. Everyone is shut in with their doors and windows closed. I still need to take Kibbles outside. The nice thing right now is the quiet and crispness of the outdoors. Yes it is cold but if you have the correct clothes as well as proper layering, it really is not that bad for a short period of time. Kibbles and I probably look like an Eskimo from the North and her trusty sled dog but the short walks are a mind clearing time. Tonight I did attempt to capture the quiet and cold.


I think there is always that opportunity to see positive or negative.  I haven’t always been the person to make the best of a situation. It sometimes still takes reflection and creativity to see it but I think for me it is always worth it.






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5 Responses to The Bonus of the Cold Weather

  1. I agree with everything that you say! Winter IS a time to focus on the indoors and indoor activities…I’ve been doing alot of sewing and things like that that I’ll not be able to focus on as much come gardening / grass mowing etc season! 🙂

    Enjoy and Bundle up 🙂 Deb from Homespun and Frugal Little Bungalow

    • katsbynp says:

      Hoping I get most of those indoor activities completed. By the looks of the forecast it looks like we will be getting both inside and outside work done. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your comment

  2. Living in Arizona, and being one who LOVES hot weather, I don’t really have a time when I can’t enjoy the outdoors. However, if I lived in the cold/show states, I would do exactly the same as you are doing and make the best use of my time spent indoors. Come spring, you will be glad be very happy you are so on top of the inside of your house, and then can focus your attention to enjoying the outside activities that you love.. Great Post Kathy. Thanks for sharing.

    • katsbynp says:

      There were a couple of times I thought of Arizona weather as well as how nice it would be to live somewhere warm year round. I certainly want to complete the to do list so I can enjoy the warm weather including the Arizona climate. Thanks for your comment and support

  3. We are excited and anxious to have you come out, stay with us, and enjoy our Arizona climate. Just say when and we’ll make it happen … 🙂

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