A Full Weekend

It all began on Friday night. I had originally planned to take the old bed down Saturday morning. The store had set delivery between 7:40 and 10:10 a.m. Saturday morning. I know I wondered the same thing-who sets up these odd times? I came home from work and started on other projects but the taking down of the bed was forefront on my mind. All I could think of was they would be here earlier rather than later and I would have nowhere for them to set up the new bed.

First came moving the mattress and box springs . Thank goodness there are no pictures! It wasn’t pretty but I did move them. You know the visual of the mattress encompassing the person while moving it-yes that was me. Also there was one dog trying to help(?) me or better said, under my feet. I did accomplish the move. Next onto the bed frame, head and foot board. I thought nothing to it-screwdriver and wrench in my hand and I went to work. As we all know nothing could be that simple. The bolts in the bed required a hex wrench to take the bed apart. I have many tools but no hex wrenches. I then remembered that my neighbor Bob had hex wrenches. Thank goodness he was home, lent me the tools and I disassembled the bed.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. Guess what time the delivery arrived? 7:25 a.m.! I was up and had just returned from walking Kibbles. I had a few seconds to put her in her crate. I did not want a repeat performance of the Thanksgiving escape.  The delivery people began to move the furniture into the house. It appears much heavier than I thought. I almost had to put my orthopedic experience to use as one of the delivery people stumbled and almost dropped the dresser on his leg. Everything was going nicely but then the mattress was unloaded from the truck and into the house. A queen was ordered but a full was delivered. The delivery people caught it but they said a delivery would have to be rescheduled. I had made it clear I would not wait another week nor would I take a day off of work for something that was not my fault.  After some discussion they called their supervisor. One of the delivery people told the supervisor (bless his heart) I had no other place to sleep. Technically he was correct as the old bed was in pieces. I really could not sleep another night on the couch. The supervisor actually called me and arranged for delivery within 30 minutes. The rest of the delivery was uneventful. The furniture is beautiful and mattress is comfortable. I am still moving things back into the bedroom and it will take a few more days.

My reward for all the hard work during the day on Saturday was going to the Pittsburgh Symphony.  Shannon (my friend Mark’s daughter) bought he and I tickets to the symphony to hear the music of John Williams. His name may not be familiar but his music definitely is well-known. He collaborated with Steven Spielberg to write the music for movies such as ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Close Encounters as well as the first 3 episodes of the Star War Movies. Much of the Harry Potter movie scores were written by him as well. It was a cold night but the music and orchestra were tremendous and worth the venture into the snow and cold.  I hadn’t heard the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in a few years and that was for sure my loss. I enjoyed my night.

It was a full weekend complete with hard work but also a night of enjoyment. I could not have asked for a better weekend.My only regret is that it goes by much too quickly. How was your weekend?


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4 Responses to A Full Weekend

  1. I’ve never been to the symphony but would love to- glad you enjoyed your night!

  2. Sounds like you really earned your fun evening out with your friend. It is so frustrating when you make a big purchase, get excited about having it delivered, only to find out something is wrong.. Happy to hear the company sent out the right mattress very quickly. Great customer service makes up for a lot of things. Our weekend was quiet and uneventful. Church, then just hung out at the house relaxing until dinner time when Bill cooked steak out on the grill. Nice change from the “hit the floor running during the week”, and I had a cooks night off… Nothing wrong with that. 🙂

    • katsbynp says:

      The only bad thing about packing so much in one day is that I was still tired the next day! Quiet weekends are good to relax and recharge. We all need those days. Thanks for your comment and support.

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