A Look At My 2014 Goals

I did not make resolutions but rather goals to achieve in 2014. It has been 31 days since I made those goals and time to see how I am progressing in their realization. I have always thought it was important to review the progress monthly so that changes could be implemented quickly.

My first goal was to pare down the items in my house. Note to my daughter:no the kitchen is not completed so the baking dishes and casseroles are still a work in progress. This was as joke between my daughter and I at Christmas 2. When she arrived she looked for the baking dishes and casseroles as I had promised to give her some of them in my blog.  One thing that I am making headway is my clothes and bedroom. I have a box of knickknacks, candles and other pieces that I am not putting back into the bedroom. I went through closets and drawers to find clothes I have not worn in 2 years and they will be donated. I also am in the process of cleaning out the basement make a new storage area for seasonal items. I am pleased with my progress in this area and will call the charity to pick up the items sometime in late February.

My next goal is to avoid surgery and return to running a 5k.  I did well until  last week. I have been exercising and strengthening 4-5 days a week. Last week I only did 2 workouts due to working late and just feel a general funk. I have recommitted today and plan on returning to the workouts as I can see a change in my hip pain and strength in my core. I have picked my race-the Pirate 5k in April. I am going to do the couch to 10k program as it is a walk/run and gradually allow me to return to running.

The main goal of 2014 is that 2014 is the year of me. I have done well in that I did get my new bedroom furniture but there is still a long way to go. I have decided to take a non-credit photography course starting in March and am looking into yoga classes. Stepping out of my comfort zone is difficult for me but I know it is something I need to do.

After the first month I am pleased with my progress. It has not been without setbacks but this year I am just dusting myself off and continuing to recommit to my goals. How are you doing with your goals?

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2 Responses to A Look At My 2014 Goals

  1. dltolley says:

    You’re doing so well! Kudos, my friend! My goals have had to shift a bit to allow for an unforseen mishap while snowboarding. I, too have recommitted. Where I was going to swim, now I shall bike! Soldiering on!!!

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