Super Groundhog Bowl Day

Happy Super Groundhog Bowl Day! I live in Pittsburgh which is not far from Punxsutawney. I have never been to Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney but it does appear to be one big party!  So as you all know by now, Phil saw his shadow which supposedly means 6 more weeks of winter. Of course last year he predicted an early spring and what was a mild winter suddenly became cold and snowy. One can only hope that spring is around the corner. I recently read that Phil has only been 28% accurate with his predictions. The weather here yesterday was beautiful and in the 50s but today has been rainy and high 30s. It is supposed to snow later but we will miss the large storm. Maybe Phil wasn’t wrong. Time will tell

The other major event today is the Super Bowl. I have to confess the main reason I will be watching is the commercials. I know I watch them online but I would rather see them tonight.  I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I am not really pulling for either team. I only hope it is a good game for those who like all football and those who have teams playing. I did watch the Kitten Bowl which was cute. I also plan to also watch the Puppy Bowl.  My son and granddaughter are coming over but instead of the usual Super Bowl fare we will be having chicken meatballs with spaghetti and I also made them a homemade chicken pot pie to take home.

How are you spending the day?

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4 Responses to Super Groundhog Bowl Day

  1. dltolley says:

    Good ol’ Phil. I have to admit, he’s about as accurate as our weather forecasters . . .

    • katsbynp says:

      That certainly is true. We were supposed to get a dusting to an inch today. Close to 4 inches once it quit snowing. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your comment

  2. Bill and I went to 7:00 Mass. Came home, I cooked breakfast, and then Bill started making his homemade chili for our Super Bowl dinner. I also made homemade 7 layer bean dip, and just before I served it as snack before dinner, I made homemade, fresh, hot, tortilla chips… We watched the game, and Bill and Shantel were hoping the Broncos would win. I’m not a sports fan, and Super Bowl is really the only game I watch because it has become a ‘family tradition.” I didn’t really care who won either, but I did tell Bill that Broncos fans should give credit where credit is due because from what I saw it was not much of a game but more like a “beat down” on the Broncos by the Sea Hawks… just saying… 🙂

    • katsbynp says:

      I actually was not interested in the teams and I ended playing with my granddaughter more than paying attention to it but the Seahawks certainly did “beat down” the Broncos. I did enjoy the Budweiser and Dorito commercials.
      Thanks for your support and comments

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