Nebraska: A Movie Review

This weekend I rented Nebraska, one of the Academy Award Nominated Films. It wasn’t one of my typical rentals but I wanted to watch at least one of the nominated films. This movie was about a man named Woody Grant (portrayed by Bruce Dern). He was an elderly gentleman who had some dementia. He truly believed he had won a million dollars in a Publisher’s Clearinghouse type sweepstakes and needs to go to Nebraska to pick it up in person. He tries to convince his family to take him and when they refuse he sets off to walk to Nebraska. The interaction between Woody and his wife Kate (June Squibb) show the stress and toll that a spouse with dementia can take on the caretaker(Kate)

He finally convinces his youngest son David (Will Forte) to take him to Nebraska. Kate and the older son Ross (Bob Odenkirk) protest but Woody and David set off for Lincoln, Nebraska. The interaction between the father and younger son is touching and many of us can relate to David.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Woody and David end up staying with Woody’s older brother in his old hometown in a small town in Nebraska. Word leaks out of Woody’s million dollar windfall. The interaction between friends and relatives in light of this impending windfall are both humorous and sad. In the midst of this visit by Woody and David, Kate and Ross show up to provide support. It is interesting how the family bonds as it becomes an us versus them scenario.

One of the most interesting parts of the film is the film is entirely done in black and white. I thought it was a nice touch in the movie.

I definitely recommend this movie as a must see. I think everyone will be able to relate to the family and their struggles. While I liked the movie I am glad that I did not pay to see the movie in the theater but definitely think it is one to add to the need to rent list.

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6 Responses to Nebraska: A Movie Review

  1. batteredhope says:

    I was sitting on the fence wondering about this movie so really appreciated your review. I was wondering about it being in black and white if that took away from the story or added to it?

    • katsbynp says:

      I think the black and white actually added to it. I think it reflected the family and their simpleness and also allowed you to focus on the actors not the scenery.

  2. Sounds very interesting. We don’t rent movies too often because if I’m going to see a movie, I love watching movies on the “big screen” at the movie theater… I just think it makes a world of difference in the whole movie experience. However, that said, the next time we do rent a movie I will look for this one. Thanks for sharing.

    • katsbynp says:

      Unfortunately I don’t go to the “big screen” very often and it is probably something I should start doing. As I said I think this one was good but one more for the “small screen” Thanks for your support and comment

  3. Hi – this movie is on my list but I haven’t gotten to see it yet as it doesn’t come to any of the theaters near me. I might watch it on TV on demand, and I don’t think it would matter too much about the big vs. little screen for a movie like this. Thanks for the review, looking forward to seeing it!

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