Gratitude List #4

This week was another busy week but I felt a little more organized this week. The week seemed to go by quickly and my Friday was like a Monday but I got through it.

I am again participating in the Gratitude Linkup which you can find here. Please feel free to link-up with us.

My Gratitude List (in no particular order)

  1. For the visits from my son and granddaughter which provides me with memories like these


Kibbles was playing with her toy and my granddaughter grabbed her doll got on the floor
and said, “Kibbles, I have my toy and you have yours let’s play”. They proceed to play there for 5 minutes.

2. Even though the first few days of time change are always difficult, I like the idea of having extra daylight during the evening hours

3. The beautiful sunny days this weekend. Saturday was beautiful. Sunday was colder but still beautiful in the sun.

4. Getting the call that I won $15 gift card from Trader Joe’s because I use cloth bags. There is a weekly drawing.

5. Being able to get another book from the library which has been on my reading list for months.

6. Having only 11 more days until Spring starts.

7. To be able to run 1 mile without pain this weekend

8. Signing up for a 5k on April 19th

What are you grateful for this week?

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8 Responses to Gratitude List #4

  1. Laurel Regan says:

    What a sweet photo! Love your list. 🙂

  2. elainelk says:

    Great picture and great list. Congrats on winning the prize–it’s always so nice to get surprises like that. And also on running a mile and signing up for the 5K. Have you done any before or are you a new runner?

    • katsbynp says:

      I have run and actually did 2 half marathons but a hip injury has put me on the sidelines for almost a year. I miss running but know I need to progress slowly. Thank you for stopping and your comments

  3. What a great list/post Kathy. Especially happy to hear you were able to run the 1 mile without pain. I know you have been working really hard to build back up to running the 5K again, and beyond… And winning the gift card was an extra special little smile maker… 🙂 I’m grateful that my daughter, Shantel is out on spring break this week so I don’t have to drive the 42 miles round trip this week to take her to school. Instead, I can relax and enjoy every minute of this beautiful weather we are having here in Arizona.

  4. I love when the clocks change to give us more daylight! Makes such a difference to leave work while the sun is still out… a good difference.

    • katsbynp says:

      I actually feel like doing some projects and even exercise when it is still daylight! Hopefully soon the weather will stay warm and spring will arrive.

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