Gratitude List #5

This week had it usual highs and lows and even though it seemed like a never-ending day I managed to get through the week. The weekend has seemed to go at warp speed as is typical for any time off work.

My Gratitude List (in no particular order)

  1. Having a wonderful weekend with my granddaughter. Her laughter and smile can melt my heart. I am lucky to have her live so close and be able to enjoy so much of her growing and learning.
  2. I am fortunate to live in a city that offers so many activities. There is something for everyone: sports, theater and arts. It may take a little time to find your interest but it will be worth your time and effort.
  3. Finding a photography course that enables me to further learn photography as well as meeting people of like mind.
  4. Spring being only 4 days away
  5. Missing the snow and sleet predicted last week. I did feel sorry for those that had to endure that weather
  6. Being able to run 1 mile 3 times this week. I was a little sore the 3rd run this week but I feel stronger each time.
  7. My computer has been acting up this week but happy I was able to get my files backed-up and temporarily get the computer to continue working. I am shopping for a new one this week.
  8. For my new and old blog readers-your comments and support are appreciated

What are you thankful for this week?

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6 Responses to Gratitude List #5

  1. Great list Kathy, and great post. Glad to hear your feeling stronger each time you run. And time with family, especially children, is always good for the heart and soul… I’m grateful for being able to host a small dinner party last night for some very special friends of ours. I love cooking for others, and the combination of good food, good drinks, and good friends to share it with always warms my heart.

  2. You ran a mile three times this week? I’m so impressed!!

  3. Laurel Regan says:

    Great list, Kathy – very inspirational! Here’s to Spring starting this week! 🙂

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