Gratitude List # 6

This week was a good week. It gave me a chance for the rest and relaxation and balance. If you would like to link up or read other gratitude list you join us here.

My Gratitude List (in no particular order)

  • Loving the sun and warmer weather a few days this week. We are scheduled to be cold again this week but the sun makes it all seem a little more bearable
  • Being able to go to see Jillian Michaels’ show this week. It gave me some new knowledge and a renewal of my goals.
  • Having a great girls night out with my daughter on Wednesday then having lunch and catching up with a friend on Thursday.
  • Getting a new computer (although I am still on the old one until I get it all set up).
  • Feeling like my old self in the exercise area and have scheduled 5 days of working  out this week.
  • Nice to have great co-workers that work as a team so when some one is off things are taken care of instead of coming back to a full desk.
  • For a great dog who greets me every day and keeps me company . She also is a patient model for my photography.
  • For my new and old blog readers-your comments and support are appreciated

What are you thankful for this week?



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6 Responses to Gratitude List # 6

  1. Cold again today- boo! But you’re right- the sunshine helps.

  2. Laurel Regan says:

    I’ve found this little break in the weather to be so refreshing. It’s still been cold, but the sunshine is wonderful! Here’s hoping that the “real” Spring is just around the corner.

  3. Great List Kathy. I’m thankful that I live in Arizona where we have beautiful, warm, sunshine almost everyday. Albeit it gets REAL hot here in the summer, I can deal with that much better than I can deal with the cold. I’m also thankful that my husband, Bill and I had a simple fun weekend of church, shopping, then we had a nice relaxing lunch date. It was all good!

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