A Wonderful World of Color.

Mondays are the day I take my photography class.  Hard to believe I now have 3 classes completed.  As I wrote about here I  had a great class 2 years ago. The current class has helped me practice some of those skills and learn more.

Last night it was 32 degrees here but did that make a difference to the instructor? If you guessed no you would be correct. At the beginning of class he announced we would be going outside to take pictures. I have to say it wasn’t bad when we had the sun but the night air was cold. That being said I had so much fun.

Here are some samples of the pictures taken last night


This is a part of the bush with the sun behind it,


Same bush set against a dark background


Bushes against the sunset


This is a lights from a moving car

And my favorite picture from the class


No one is one fire,  it is a tracing of a person done with a flashlight and your camera set to shoot at 5 second exposure. The person should be more clear but I admit my hands were shaking due to the cold air.

I cannot believe the fun I am having. The practice helped me and there is more to come. The people I have met at the class are enjoyable and we each help each other. In the beginning we complained about the cold but by the end of the shoot we were laughing and were willing to stay out a little longer.

If you find something your would like to try or even learn a little more, just do it. I am not the best photographer and have so much to learn but I am so glad I decided to sign up for the class

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7 Responses to A Wonderful World of Color.

  1. Great shots Kathy. The last photo is WAY cool. Amazing what can be done with a camera and the right skills.. Thanks for sharing. XoXo

  2. katrina says:

    Oh this sounds like a great class! I took at class at Pittsburgh Filmmakers and I loved it, but we didn’t actually do any shooting in class, just talking about stuff and then critiquing the photos we had taken earlier in the week. A more hands on class would be awesome. Your photos look great!

    • katsbynp says:

      Thanks! The class is through Community College of Allegheny County (non-credit). They are expanding their class because of an increase interest. I really enjoy the hands on portion. Having at least 90 minutes to take pictures is great.

  3. dltolley says:

    Terrific shots! What a fun class. I’m envious!

  4. You are doing some really fun work. Good for you taking this class!

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