Alone or Groups

The NaBloPoMo questions today are: Do you enjoy being alone? What do you do when you’re by yourself?  I know people who complain they need to have more alone time. One person I know schedules time at a hotel complete with the spa treatment when she is stressed and needs alone time. On the opposite end of the spectrum I have friends and co-workers whose worst fear is being alone. Something as simple as going to the gym alone is an idea they would never entertain.

For me, I am fine being alone at times. I like being alone:

  1. If I do not feel well (simple flu, virus or headache). I do not like people hovering over me. I appreciate if someone stops in and checks on me but basically I want to sleep, relax and generally be miserable alone
  2. When I get home from work I need some time to decompress. I think that is why I enjoy taking Kibbles out as soon as I get home. The walk affords me time to just get the workday out of my mind and switch to the home front.
  3. When needing to run to think or distress. I have tried to run with people when needing to go for a run for this reason and find it not only does not attain the goal of the run but I also have a bad run.
  4. If I want an interval training workout.

I don’t mind being alone :

  1. Eating at a local restaurant for breakfast or lunch
  2. Going out for a day of shopping
  3. Doing home projects

I do like to be with others as well.

  1. While being comfortable eating alone at local restaurants I am still uncomfortable going alone to dinner
  2. Going to the movies, sporting events, theater or the symphony
  3. Running distances. Trust me running 6 to 13 miles alone can be grueling.
  4. I like to meet friends for lunch, a weekend get together and impromptu fun with friends and family

I like both being alone and with others. Again that word balance comes to mind. I think it is unhealthy if we do not have both in our lives.



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12 Responses to Alone or Groups

  1. I have to say I support a balance between both alone and group time. I really love having time with family and friends and that time recharges my heart, but my alone time, recharges my soul. Great Post Kathy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. XoXo

  2. dltolley says:

    I love my alone time. When I’m alone, I write. Or read. I love my alone time. But with a Husby, six kids, thirteen grandkids and assorted neighbours and friends, my alone time is extremely precious. So far, I have been able to snatch what I need between 4 and 6 am. No one bothers me then . . . 🙂

    • katsbynp says:

      Being divorced with grown children offers another perspective. I think that is why I thought the question required me to think about the question as well as my answer

  3. I’ve always needed a significant amount of alone time to regenerate and think. Always.

  4. I sometimes think I like being alone a little too much! Although with social media, I’m never really alone, am I?

  5. I love being alone. I work from home so am alone much of the day ’til the kids get home around 3 and I love it. Have always been like that. But talk a lot on the phone so am very social……

    • katsbynp says:

      I am glad to be able to choose the times I want some alone time. In my original post I never took the phone or social media into account so I don’t spend as much alone time as I originally thought. Thanks for your comment

  6. I LOVE solitude more than anyone I know. One of my oldest and best friends is the opposite, not in the car five minutes before she’s on her speaker. It really does seem to be personality based, we are equally disoriented if we don’t spend enough time in our respective, preferred states.

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