Friday Once More

Today definitely did not start out well. First, I thought I set snooze on my alarm but 45 minutes later I realized I shut it off. Rude awakenings always have the ability to help you get wide awake quickly. Of course this is the morning Kibbles decided the warm 51 degree morning was the best time to take a leisure stroll and stop and smell the ground. Good thing most of my neighbors are not up or have left for work. The crazed woman (me) pulling   coaxing a beagle (Kibbles) to hurry and finish the walk definitely was not a site to behold.

I was out the door in record time and traffic was actually light for a Friday. I arrived in the parking lot only 15 minutes later than I normally do. I have to cross a major road (anyone from Pittsburgh it is the Boulevard of the Allies). I cross at the cross walk but powers to be in Pittsburgh have deemed people should have the opportunity to play a mix of Frogger and Dodge Ball to get across the street. We walk with traffic but some drivers forget pedestrians have the right of way when the sign says walk. The lady trying to make the turn must have also forgot to push snooze because she did not stop and came very close to hitting me.  It turned out fine but to say my heart stopped for a minute would not be an exaggeration.

That was the worst part of my day. I was lucky enough to meet a cute couple who had been married for 45 years and were now preparing for the husband to undergo surgery. The love and respect of the couple were evident. It gave me a warm feeling the rest of the day.

This afternoon while finishing up my paperwork I was lucky enough to watch bald eagles here in Pittsburgh hatch an eaglet. We have a pair of eagles who made their nest in Pittsburgh and laid 3 eggs.  They have set up a webcam so all can watch. If you want to take a look tomorrow (they will be feeding the eaglet at sometime tomorrow) you can click here. It is interesting to watch the female and male eagle takes turns sitting on the eggs and young eaglet (there are still 2 more to hatch). It was cute to watch them go after food and share it with each other.

Tonight I am just relaxing and unwinding. A glass of wine, popcorn and a movie is the plan for the night.  What started out hectic has turned calm and good.

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4 Responses to Friday Once More

  1. It’s funny how just another day in the life can be so evocative. 😉

  2. Wow, you did have an eventful day. Makes the unwinding, relaxation at the end of the day even more special. You earned it! The glass of wine, popcorn and movie should do the trick! Thanks for sharing your day. Great post!

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