Sometimes You Have to Face Your Fears

Growing up we never took vacations. My parents always believed vacations were time to work around the house. We went to places like Kennywood (a local amusement park in Pittsburgh) and movies. I was always able to go to my cousins’ house for a week. My dad was always one who liked to stay close to home and never had any desire to travel. I do remember going to Phoenix with my aunt when I was 14 to visit my cousins on my Dad’s side. We went on a Greyhound bus because my aunt wouldn’t fly. I still remember what the miles of New Mexican desert looked like.

Fast forward to my married years and again for many reasons we never really went on vacations. We did day trips to places like Sea World, Geauga Lake and Kennywood. If we did go away it was always to visit my in-laws who lived in New York.

In 2008 my world changed. I had been divorced 8 years but still was stuck a rut. One day I joined Jillian I met a great group of ladies. We suddenly had this great idea-let’s get together and meet. Where you ask –well LA of course. There were 30 some ladies of all ages that decided we would meet and do a boot camp. Jillian found out and helped it all come together. I was fortunate enough to be friends online with a wonderful lady who offered her home to 5 of us.

There was one problem in all this: I was in my 50’s and had never flown on an airplane let alone go across the country. I was definitely afraid but knew I had to fly if I wanted to meet these ladies. I bought my ticket and heaven forbid had to change planes! I faced my fears and got on that plane, transferred and arrived in LA without a glitch.

My 4 days in LA were amazing. I met a group of ladies who I am still proud to call my friends. I found out that I could do things on my own and have fun. Oh and I also got to see the ocean for the first time.



Since then I have traveled to New York, Orlando, and Nashville. I have plans to fly to Phoenix this year to visit with family that I have not seen in years. The LA trip has been my favorite vacation because it was the one that changed my thinking and put my fears to rest. I know the best is yet to come.

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14 Responses to Sometimes You Have to Face Your Fears

  1. Winnie says:

    Once you get the travel bug, you will continue! I LOVE to travel but being one of 6 kids we never did. On my 21st bday I saved my money to go and have my first drink in a pub in Ireland. Everyone thought I was nuts to go alone etc, but I had a blast! My late hubby and I didn’t have a lot of money so we camped, got into our car and packed our tent and would camp from ME, to FL, to the Smoky Mountains in NC. Those memories are my treasures. Since I remarried I haven’t traveled as he isn’t a traveler, I did get him to VA a few times. Sounds like you had a great trip to LA, and more important, a great group of friends!!

  2. I remember the first time I flew alone. I was in my mid 50’s as well and flew from Phoenix to New York to visit my girlfriend. It was life changing for me too. It made me realize I can do more than I thought I could by myself if I need too. We can’t wait for you to come out to Phoenix and visit us. I have all sorts of things planned already for us to do… Great Post. Thanks for sharing.

    • katsbynp says:

      I am looking forward to my visit and am very excited. At least I won’t be as anxious as my California trip. Thanks for your support and comments

  3. plutrell says:

    An important post for so many…life is way more fun when we overcome some of our mental obstacles. So glad it was a fun experience!

  4. Ohhh Nashville is at the top of the list of places I want to visit!

  5. dltolley says:

    Good on ya! If it weren’t for my Husby, I’d never leave my yard. On my own, I’m about as adventurous as a wet dishrag. Hmm . . . and just about as smelly!

    • katsbynp says:

      Trust me I can still remember the anxiety. I think my need to go meet my friends and see the ocean helped overcome any obstacle I could put in my way.

  6. Good for you! I didn’t get on an airplane until I was in my mid 30’s so I hear you — my parents never traveled either, our vacations were all via car when we were young and we usually went to places close by. I love to travel now, and wish I could go to Europe every year, but life and family interferes 🙂

  7. Rena McDaniel says:

    Isn’t traveling wonderful! My husband and I have visited every state but Hawaii and Alaska but I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to try it alone! Kudos to you!

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