Color My World

Think about a cruel trick and that is what Mother Nature pulled on us today. After 2 days of beautiful weather complete with open windows and shorts, winter returned to show it is not quite finished with us yet. Probably the biggest disappointment was not being able to see the Lunar Eclipse and the Blood Moon. I did find out we have another chance in October to see the Eclipse and Blood Moon. My camera will be ready.

I can remember one of my biggest disappointments happened my freshman year in college. I was quite naive back then and always looked at everything through rose-colored glasses. I was dating a guy who was a couple of years older than me. We found out Chicago was coming to town. One of my favorite groups (and still is) was Chicago. He asked me if I would like to go and he bought two tickets. I spent my then hard-earned money ( I worked in the cafeteria to get extra money) and purchased a new outfit. The day came and I was so excited. 15 minutes before he was supposed to pick me up he phoned the dorm (no cell phones back then). He told me he was sick and we would not be going. I was disappointed but understood. He went to Pitt and his dorm room was not that far away from mine. I thought I would be nice and take him some soup.

I walked to his dorm, rode the elevator to the floor and knocked on the door. His roommate answered the door and I said I had brought some soup. Yes you know where this is headed. His roommate informed me Ken (not his real name) was not there and at the concert. Yes he went and took a mutual friend. I was so hurt. I didn’t get to see Chicago and was lied to by Ken. We subsequently broke up but I learned my first valuable lesson that trust has to be earned and not everyone is trustworthy. He had intentions of taking me but decided there was someone who could get him farther ahead and took her instead. I later learned this was his pattern.

I have had other disappointments but this one was a jolt to my innocence. It got me to look at the world a little more realistically. I still have never seen Chicago-maybe I will add that on my to-do list.


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3 Responses to Color My World

  1. Rena McDaniel says:

    There are always some people who will let you down, the important thing is not letting them make it habit with you.

  2. It really is a bitter pill to swallow when you realize someone you trusted isn’t worthy of that trust… It can sometimes change who we are in that if we let it, we might not ever truly trust anyone again… I’ve had to work very hard to overcome some misplaced trust issues in my life… However, when I was able to get beyond the hurt, it made me a much stronger person as I realized I can handle whatever comes my way… Great Post!

  3. menopausalmother says:

    Sorry you had to go through that–one of life’s many tough lessons for sure.

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