The Rush Hour Traffic Personalities

I heard on the news recently that Pittsburgh , the area in which I reside, has been ranked #2 nationally in a most courteous driver poll. While that may be true I have noted many different personalities driving these roads. I usually get the first wave of rush hour traffic in the morning and evening so I have had some time to classify these different drivers (and yes I have witnessed these people up close)

The first type is the executive multi-tasker. They must start early in the morning and certainly have no time to waste. Look out your driver side window and see them conversing on the phone while checking out that site on the iPad with one eye and traffic with the other eye. Even staring at these people usually does not get their attention.

Next is the undecided. Which lane do they drive in today. One minute it is the left lane the next they see an opening and dart into the right.  The sign that says you must stay in the lane going through the tunnels that we have all read, that doesn’t apply to this driver if there is an opening they will take it.

We have all run into the daredevil driver. There is a small opening to merge but this driver can’t wait . They lock eyes with you and almost say I dare you not to let me merge. In the interest of getting to work and keeping your car intact you oblige.

Who hasn’t driven next to the person who overslept but has to get the make-up on before arriving at the office. While I am leery of their ability to drive while doing the mascara I am also in awe of that talent. No worries about me trying it I would poke my eye out with the first attempt of application of the mascara. The real talent is applying makeup, eating and driving.

One of my wonders of the universe is who is carrying on an animated conversation with the driver next to me. Who is up at 5:30 or 6 in the morning and can laugh and joke for 20 minutes. While I am awake and driving I cannot imagine calling someone to gossip, or whatever with another person.

The one driver that will probably try my patience is the person who only drives on Sunday but decides they need to go to the doctors on Monday. They leave early so they can get there but drive 10 miles below the speed limit. Slow is the speed they know. I one time followed a driver who decided to brake in the middle of the tunnel for no apparent reason.

By now you are probably asking my type. I am that morning driver you see singing with the radio, moving in her seat and sipping my coffee. I can also be seen smiling at the driver beside me or scowling with my best mom look if they are doing any of the above.

I do agree we have courteous drivers otherwise Pittsburgh lefts would not be possible (making a left hand turn at a yellow almost red light). I also think it is amusing to see rush hour drivers.




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6 Responses to The Rush Hour Traffic Personalities

  1. dltolley says:

    I think we could use a few drivers like you here in good old Edmonton!

    • katsbynp says:

      Thanks! Now that the weather is nice I have to be careful to to belt out the notes to the songs too loudly! Don’t want to scare the driver next to me

  2. I use to love my commute back in forth to work, it is my “getting ready time”. Getting ready to face the day at work or getting ready to face the cleaning, cooking at home. It was my special “me”time and I too would sing to the radio and sip my iced tea (I don’t like coffee or any hot drinks).

  3. When I commuted back and forth from taking our daughter, Shantel, the 23 miles one way to school everyday, I would see everyone of the drivers you mentioned above. I also find the drivers that want to drive 10 miles under the speed limit the most annoying… and it never seems to fail that I always manage to end up behind them with no way around them for miles… Great Post!

    • katsbynp says:

      I have to agree about the slow drivers. They probably scare me the most as I am never sure what they will do next. Commuting can be an adventure! Thanks for your support and comment

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