The Goldfinch : Book Review

The Goldfinch is a best seller written by Donna Tartt. I started this book a few months ago when I borrowed it from the library but unfortunately couldn’t renew it due to its popularity. I did buy it for my Kindle app but the bus trip to New York City gave me the opportunity to read the book. You may ask what took so long-well the book is over 700 pages long. While at first questioning if the book could hold my interest for 700 pages, I would have to answer a resounding yes.

The book is set in New York City and tells the story of Theo Decker and begins when he is 13 years of age. He is a smart young man who lives with his mom. However a city tragedy (a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum) befalls them killing his mother. While in the rubble he comes into possessing a masterpiece of the Goldfinch. The story then continues to tell Theo’s life after the death of his mother and his shuffling between families, finding and losing his father all while keeping this art masterpiece.

In the book we see Theo maturing but also going through many dark days in his life. We watch him find friendships and love but also lose it all. We watch Theo come to terms with himself and knowing right from wrong, struggling to make something of his life.

Overall I did enjoy the book and thought it was one of the better pieces of fiction I have read. I did think parts of the book went into too much detail especially the furniture refinishing business parts. While not a light or easy read I do highly recommend this book. I can foresee it becoming one of the modern classics.


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2 Responses to The Goldfinch : Book Review

  1. Sounds like an interesting page turner book. I will put this on my list of books to read when I get through the page turners I am already in the process of reading… I have coffee table books I read during the day, books I take with me when I am waiting at Dr. appointments for Shantel, and bedside books I am reading all at the same time… All of the really good books I have read I keep in a bedside table for guests to read when they come to visit… You will have no shortage of bedside books to choose from when you come to visit..Great book report Kathy… Thanks for sharing..

    • katsbynp says:

      It was an interesting book and actually kept my interest. I also have a list of to read books, some downloaded on my iPad and others bought for 1-3 dollars. I look forward to the beside books in August. Thanks for your support and comments.

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