Green Ice Cream Smoothie

I had my granddaughter this weekend. She is the princess of picky eaters and vegetables are not her favorite food group. When she is here I try to be creative with foods and treats. It was warm this weekend so after coming in from playing ball I decided to make a smoothie for us.

1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup 2% Plain Greek Yogurt
1 banana
10 pieces frozen Mango (I used Trader Joe’s Frozen Mango)
1/2 cup of Kale (could use spinach)
5 pieces of ice

I combined the ingredients in that order in my Vita Mix but a blender also can be used. The frozen Mango and ice cubes made it much thicker. I blended for about 20 seconds and it was ready.


That is my glass and hers was about half that size. It is sweet and you cannot taste the kale. Strawberries would also work here. My granddaughter does not like strawberries at the present time.

If you wonder why I call it Green Ice Cream Smoothie it was due to my granddaughter’s comment. When she tasted it she said, “I like the Green Ice Cream”. She drank it all and so did I.


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6 Responses to Green Ice Cream Smoothie

  1. dltolley says:

    Genius! I have several picky grands at the moment. I’m going to try this. I’ll get vegetables into them one way or the other!!!

  2. Very impressive way to serve up the veggies hidden in a delightful treat! Great Post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I need to give it a go like this. Minus the banana. But I’ve been on a smoothie kick and just haven’t yet made a perfect green one, but the mango and almond milk and yogurt – ahhh – and then the kale or spinach. Perfect! 😀

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