Mid Year Goal Review

In January I made some Goals for 2014 and have not reviewed them in a few months. Lately I have been making some changes to my life so what better time to review the goals and refocus on achieving them.

Paring down the items in my house. I have made great strides in this area. I finished my kitchen purge and have not missed one item I gave away. The kitchen is better organized and I am able to use my counter space. I find myself cooking more and trying many of the recipes I have pinned on Pinterest.  I have now moved onto my basement and bedroom. My closet has been again targeted. I have clothes that I have had for a few years and while they are fine I just don’t think they look the best on me. I have donated them and made some extra space in the closet. The basement is a challenge but I intend to start it this weekend.

The second goal was to return to running. I am happy to report my hip feels great. I am back to exercising 6 days a week and running 3 days a week. I found a great program that is a gradual return to running and the end goal is running 6 miles. I am up to 3 miles but am taking slow. I have learned the importance of building the core (abdominal, back and butt). Cross training has been a very important of getting back to feeling stronger and avoiding injury.  I truly believe slow and steady wins the race.

In January my main goal was making 2014 the year of me. I have had some bumps and detours but am back to being focused on me. I realized that I needed to accept me where I am presently. For instance, I began reading some books on fashion for women over 50 and learned a great deal about style. I began making some minor changes to the way I dressed when I went to the store, to the mall or just to run an errand.  I don’t just put on frumpy clothes but rather a nice top and pants or capris. I wear some makeup and now that my hair is easy to style I feel put together and most importantly good about myself. The biggest change has been getting a few people out of my life that were negative and at times demeaning. I don’t need negativity in my life and haven’t looked back.

Overall I think I am headed in the right direction. I feel stronger and more positive. How are you progressing with your goals?



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4 Responses to Mid Year Goal Review

  1. Great Post Kathy. I so agree with getting rid of things we no longer use or need. I am in the process of doing the same thing now that our daughter, Shantel, moved out of the house. I also totally agree with you that we need to love, and accept, ourselves where we are today… As I moved into my early 60’s, I find my body, in spite of all the exercising, and healthy eating I do…., still betrays my wishes and sides with the never ending pull of gravity… I don’t like it, but I accept it. Now, for me… it’s not about “the look”… it’s more about being and staying healthy so I can live longer and stay independent of needing anyone to care for my as I continue life’s journey.. I also applaud, getting people out of our lives who are negative, and demeaning, and who do nothing to support our overall accomplishments and zest we have for our lives… XoXo

  2. So glad you are getting back to your running Kathy, I can tell it’s something you really love. Slow and steady WILL win the race!

  3. I so admire people who set goals and keep to them–and review them! I am unable to discipline myself.

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