Gratitude List #25

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but live by them.” John F Kennedy

I just made a comment on another gratitude list that this has been a roller coaster of emotions on many fronts this week. In the national and international world,  there were so many events causing sadness to all of us.  In my personal world I had many positive days which helped get through the week.

My Gratitude List (in no particular order)

  • Seeing grass springing up from my planting efforts last weekend. I may need to plant more in the spring but my efforts were not in vain.
  • Signed up to run the Lemiuex 6.6 k race in October. I have been making great strides in getting back to distance running and the incline trainer has certainly helped
  • Being able to spend another weekend of mornings on the deck. While it was in the 60’s on Saturday, the morning sun on the deck made it a wonderful.
  • Spending another weekend with my granddaughter. It was so much fun to play catch, do chalk art on the sidewalk and hear the world from a 4 year old’s perspective.
  • Eating my first of the season ripe tomato. Nothing beats the taste of a vine ripened tomato.
  • Counting my blessings in having all of my needs met and then some.

What is on your gratitude list this week?


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12 Responses to Gratitude List #25

  1. Lux Ganzon says:

    this is a great list, kathy! i’ve just join this “revolution” of grateful hearts and i’m enjoying it.
    congrats on your planting. not everyone’s gifted with a green thumb.

    p.s. i like your background pic.

  2. Love the perspectives you get from kids that age- lucky you to spend so much time together!

  3. Another great list Kathy. I’m thankful that in just 10 more days you will be here in Arizona… Then, let the FUN begin… 🙂 Can’t hardly wait.

  4. Laurel Regan says:

    Wonderful list, Kathy. I think vine-ripened tomatoes are one of the most delicious things ever – especially when they’re still sun-warm and sprinkled with a tiny bit of salt. Even better when they’re from your own garden. Yum!

  5. adeladurkee says:

    Tomatoes and grandchildren and short-sleeve weather. We think alike, Kathy.

  6. tinabasu says:

    Wow Kathy, nice list. It just reminded me my gardening efforts have paid off too 🙂

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