Saturday Snapshots

I have been trying to use Saturdays as a day to practice my photography. Today was no exception but this morning offered me some snow pictures. We haven’t had much snow here so it was nice to wake up and see 3 inches of new fallen snow.

Kibbles and I went out and the snow seemed to cling to the trees and the blue skies made a beautiful background. The nice thing about weekend snowfalls is you can stop and chat with the neighbors as they walk their dogs or shovel the sidewalk.

Here are some pictures from today’s walk





early morning deer tracks

IMG_0131neighbor’s dog

In all the pictures I had to quickly take Kibbles enjoying the snow. She was like a pup again with her face buried in the snow

Kibbles in the snow

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2 Responses to Saturday Snapshots

  1. Beautiful photos Kathy. Looks like a quiet, peaceful, winter wonderland. Great job! Thanks for sharing. XoXo

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