Gratitude List 35

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”  Robert Brault

That quote has seemed to the resounding theme of my days lately. The end of the winter season is always difficult for me. Going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark seems to slowly deprive me of my usual positive attitude. These past few months seemed more of a struggle as just to do the everyday tasks.  Slowly I have weathered the storm and came out all the stronger

My Gratitude List (in no particular order)

  • For the sunshine and warmer weather today. It was a joy to have to put my sunglasses on when taking the dog for her normal walks. I think I even saw a little more bounce to her step!
  • For daylight savings time-yes I lost an hour but gained an hour of daylight!
  • After many years finally having a ceiling light and fan in my bedroom. A prime example of little things meaning a great deal.
  • Finding out God was looking out for me. I had an overhead kitchen light and fan changed yesterday. It had been there as long as I have been here and was put in by the previous homeowner. The electrician informed me yesterday it had never been put in correctly and was amazed it worked but was also a fire hazard as the wires were not correctly.
  • Had  a weekend that allowed me to declutter but find that many of the things I have can help others . Giving some of my better clothes to charity for those who may need some clothes for that job interview or professional dress.
  • Although Thursday proved to be driving only for the brave, happy that I was able to safely make it back home after some harrowing conditions. When I realized I did not feel safe to drive to work I also realized I was going to have to battle to get back home. Thankfully did get home safely even though the round trip took close to 2 hours (normally a 15 minute drive).
  • Although I have not been meeting any of the goals I made for this year, I realize that I can start again.

What is on your gratitude list this week?


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2 Responses to Gratitude List 35

  1. Laurel Regan says:

    So glad to see you back, Kathy! And very glad indeed that you have been safe, both from mis-wired appliances and treacherous road conditions. Here’s to an early spring!

  2. Hoping things are going much better for you now. Sounds like you need a vacation!!! 🙂 I’m thankful that Bill and I sold a lot of our things this past weekend in preparation for Bill’s upcoming retirement when we will sell the house, and everything in it, buy a motorhome and hit the road to spend the rest of our lives traveling the United States and Canada… We can’t hardly wait!!

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