Sometimes They Rescue You

For the past month Kibbles and I have welcomed a new animal to our home. I didn’t plan on having another dog but had liked South Hills Pet Rescue and saw a picture of a dog named Grace Kelly. Grace was a 2-year-old lab that somehow caught my attention. I filled out an application and made an appointment to “look at her.” I thought that I would go and take Kibbles (one of the requirements of the Rescue) and thought that if I liked her Kibbles probably wouldn’t. 9-year-old Beagle mixes can be very finicky.

We went to meet Grace and I immediately liked her. She had energy and was truly beautiful. She and Kibbles actually walked well side by side. Make sure though you try to walk them together as we still have not mastered that task. Her face and eyes look at you and you immediately know that this dog will be coming to your house soon. I was approved and Grace arrived in our house on June 2nd.

I wish I could tell you everything was magical and we have adjusted well. She and Kibbles have had a couple of disagreements the first 2 weeks but now are buddies. The first 2 weeks were an adjustment for her, Kibbles and I.  Her energy level was more than I had anticipated. I was very happy to have the owner of the Rescue help me with the energy as he is also a dog trainer.

I did also enlist the help of a dog trainer who comes to the house. She has taught me many ways to channel the energy. Grace now listens to me and know commands sit, stay and leave it. She is getting better at not jumping on everyone she meets.

The good is I now have a dog who goes for at least a mile walk every day plus 2-3 shorter walks. The art of the walk is still a work in progress. The one thing you learn is you really do need to be that calm, assertive person and yes they can sense if you are tense or hesitant. I do walk Kibbles but she has never been a car dog as she gets car sick and at 9 just can’t do a mile. Grace has helped Kibbles learn the art of playing with another dog and both run through the house. Even though Grace is crated she still provides Kibbles with company when I am at work.

While I thought I was rescuing her I have found Grace has helped me get in my walk and exercise as well as providing me stress relief I needed. Introducing Grace


She was on the couch for the picture but her favorite spot is her crate.

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2 Responses to Sometimes They Rescue You

  1. Grace is beautiful and looks like she is very happy she found her fur-ever home with you and Kibbles. Congrats on the new addition to your family!

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